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July 2014
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Beth Lapides asks Sasha Alexander (Rizzoli & Isles, Dawson's Creek, He's Just Not That Into You, Shameless) what makes you you? They get into the nature of change, arranged marriages, college applications and of course, TV. A deeply delightful episode. 

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Missi Pyle is an actress, singer, comedian and also your best friend. She has appeared in Gone Girl, The Artist, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Jennifer Falls and Bringing Down The House (for which she and Queen Latifah were nominate for MTV Movie Award Best Fight). 

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Playwright, Director, Actor, Writer.  Del Shores does all this and more. Creator of the LEGENDARY play & film "Sordid Lives" and "Daddy's Dying, Who's Got the Will", Del has done his part to make sure the naughty heart & soul of small town southern living is given its due, along with the people that make that heart beat happen.  A super fave of the UnCabaret shows, Del Shores talsk to Beth Lapides about a life well sorted, even if it's a bit sordid.

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Justin Willman's credits are varied and impressive, from his numberous appearences on the Tonight Show & Chelsea Lately to hosting the legendary Food Network show "Cupcake Wars", as well as "Win, Lose or Draw" on the Disney Channel.  As a magician he is even more impressive and has to be seen to be believed.  But what is most impressive about Justin is who he is as a person and how well he knows himself. He opens up to Beth and talks about what makes him him and the magic found around all of us. Magician, actor, comedian, host & fantastic man, Justin Willman.

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The Sklar Brothers

Two of the funniest guys in the game, Randy & Jason Sklar can honestly lay claim to the title of Comedians, and also Sportscasters, and also Actors, and also Husbands and Dads, and also Twins. What we are saying is that they are so much of so much that we love. Beloved member's of the UnCabaret family, they have been seen on everthing from their own Comedy Central specials to Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage & It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia, The United Stats of America and UnCabaret's own Amazon episode's. They are double the fun (yes we went there) as they tell Beth Lapides what makes them them.

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Beth Lapides asks Emmy Award winning comedy writer Merrill Markoe: what makes you you? Merrill's answer, is like all things Merrill, simutaneously analytical and whimsical. She covers negative zen, stupid pet tricks, the secret to writing and inventing the format for Late Night with David Letterman.

Merrill, while best known for her Emmy Award winning writing on Late Night with David Leterman, has also written for Sex and the CityNewhartMoonlightlng and HBO's Not Necessarily the News, for which she won a WGA award. She also wrote for and appeared on Michael Moore's TV Nation, wrote comedy specials for HBO and Cinemax,  appeared on FriendsSpace Ghost Coast to Coast, and in The Aristocrats.

Merrill is a prolific writer. Her books include Cool, Calm and ContentiousHow To Be Hap-Hap-Happy Like Me and What The Dogs Have Taught Me. She has written for Rolling Stone, The New York Times and Glamour, among others. She appeared in Friends, has worked as a radio host and appears regularly at UnCabaret and its spinoff show Say The Word. 

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Beth asks the much loved Tim Bagley: What makes you, you? Tim is a comedic actor with a gift for behind the scenes stories and a knack for a non-self indulgent introspection. You recognize him from his appearances on Monk, 2 Broke Girls, Will & Grace, Ellen, $#*! My Dad Says, This Is 40 and Web Therapy. He was a member of The Groundlings, appears frequently at UnCabaret. His one man show, "Clean Boy, Dirty Stories" is about working as a butler at The Playboy Mansion and he won the Jury Award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado for his one person show , "Happy Hour." 

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Jackie Kashian - After Dork

Jackie Kashian is a driven, mesmerizing storyteller. Her album "It's Never Going to be Bread" was named one of the top comedy albums of 2010 by Amazon. Her DVD, "This Will Make an Excellent Horcrux" is just out and we get the story behind the story of these two titles as Jackie answers Beth's unanswerable but provocative question: What makes you, you? Jackie has been a guest on Conan, Late Show with David Letterman and This American Life. She is also the host of the popular podcast, Dork Forest, and it's a pleasure to hear on the other side of the podcast mic. Jackie gets into her life as a married person, the importance of hacky sacks, video games and the long road from heckling in the shadows, to storytelling in the light.

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She's been everyone from Celine Dion & Martha Stewart on Saturday Night Live, Elpheba on Broadway in Wicked and is currently uber-mom Sheila Shay on the hit ABC show Suburgatory. She is also the queen of Weight Watcher's online.  She is funny, ferociously talented and can not only land a funny but hit a high note singing. Ana Gatseyer talks to Beth Lapides about coffee, food, quaking and a life well lived. 

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